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Advantages of using parking permits

Parking permits offer organizations that use them plenty of advantages, with parking permit designations becoming increasingly popular among schools and businesses. There are many types of parking permits for various scenarios, although implementation is generally easy, efficient, and effective.

Ease of parking
The most sought-after goal of any business-operated lot is to ease parking hassles and ensure that the proper spots are inhabited by the proper vehicles. With parking permits, the number of cars permitted entry can be held equal to the number of spots in the lot, guaranteeing an open spot for employees, students, or others. Implementation of these systems doesn’t cost too much and reduces unnecessary frustration.

Ease of identification
Should a car experience any damages during the day, such as sideswiping or other common parking lot fender-benders, parking permits allow for the car owner to be quickly identified and informed. This allows for the proper personnel to contact the owner immediately, minimizing response times so that unaware drivers aren’t surprised at the end of their work day by inflicted damages.

Safe and unobtrusive
Most parking permits are placed out of the sight of the driver, and some are only easily seen from the exterior of the vehicle. Mirror decal parking permits go on the front of a rearview mirror (as opposed to on the glass), so the driver won’t even know it’s there when they’re on the road. Other decals can be placed in the corner of the windshield, or markers can be hung from the rearview mirror when the car is parked – so drivers never have to worry about valuable real estate on their windshield being taken up with permits.

Source of revenue
Parking permit revenue is often put back into parking lot maintenance. Charging for these permits can not only pay for lot security, but also pavement and line upkeep. In Donald Shoup’sbook,The High Cost of Free Parking,Shoup says,“The cost of parking is hidden in higher prices for everything else.” It is the responsibility of the parking permit provider to determine how to recoup money spent on lot maintenance through parking permit distribution, but one thing’s for sure – parking lots aren’t free, and levying a small a fee is one sensible way to make sure those who use lot space are the ones who pay for it.

Perhaps the most important facet of parking permits is added security. Parking permits not only ensure that only allocated individuals park in particular spaces, but should a car be kept in the lot overnight or longer than expected, the car owner can be contacted to ensure they are not in jeopardy.


Parking Permit Stickers
Parking permit systems offer solid benefits, and they aren’t difficult to put together.
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