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Parking passes needed in a hurry?

Weddings, family reunions and large get-togethers are enough to give the most organized person an ulcer. When these events are even bigger, like state fairs or major business events, and they’re being held by cities or large organizations, youmay think that parking will take care of itself – but particularly in crowded parking environments, you sometimes need to set aside certain areas for special purposes. It’s easy to forget the essentials, let alone the ephemera, so in the event that you need to make arrangements for your attendees’ vehicles at the last second, you need parking passes printed quickly.

Hang tags are typically available from well-reputed sign and label manufacturers with very little turnaround. Production time often doesn't exceed 1-2 business days, with all sizes (normal, mini, jumbo) available in a rush. Cardstock parking passes are usually the quickest to print because they require the least amount of machinery for customization. If you have cardstock at home, then making your own tags is a possibility for real emergencies, but even this can take more time than event planners have. Decals, static-guard stickers, and virtually any adhesive parking permit can be ordered in a rush, all of which usually just come with numbers.

There are a number of events that may require a quick order of parking passes. Multi-day events could utilize different color tags for different days, or to designate different lengths of time for permitted parking (for extended concerts or musical festivals, this can mean the difference between a one day or weeklong pass). Most of these tags don’t require a great deal of customization or individualization, making for a low- to no-fuss ordering process.

Some examples of events requiring parking permits or hanging tags include:

  • Fairs
  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Graduations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Political events
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Reunions
  • Conventions
  • Funeral processions

With a wide variety of parking passes at the disposal of the customer, getting the proper permits in a short amount of time is made easy. Non-customizable parking permits are available in retail stores (although the quantity is often very low), and custom parking permits can be made online often provide expedient delivery services.

Parking Passes
Relatively simple tags like these are perfect for large events – a little branding, some color to make them easily recognized, and just enough information.
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