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The ideal parking permit

When choosing which parking permit is appropriate for your office or institution, you have lots of room for choice. Whether it’s design or placement, knowing how to get the most out of your permits can make an appreciable difference in regulation and effectiveness.

Using color codes can make your lot more efficient. More brightly colored parking permits allow for increased visibility, helping attendants. (Clear decals can be hard to see even when you know where they are.) Companies can also use the color of parking permits to designate drivers to particular lots where appropriate (for high schools, this can mean the difference between junior and senior lots, for instance). Businesses often reward performance or status with more convenient parking locations, and color is the perfect way to make these distinctions.

Shapes, logos, and customization
Since parking lots typically want their traffic as evenly distributed as possible, permit system managers and parking lot attendants will look for as many ways as possible of designating specific cars to particular areas as they can find. Most parking permit stickers can be customized with logos or cut into custom shapes, giving your company another way to brand – while also providing another way to code besides just color, so your employees don’t just crowd into the spots they perceive as most convenient.

Different permits for different drivers
The ideal parking permit depends on the type of vehicles that users drive. For example, tractor-trailers with no rearview mirror will most likely choose static cling parking permits designed to adhere to the interior of the windshield. For cars with very heavily tinted windows, hanging parking permits and windshield permits most likely will be too hard to see to be worth the effort; in cases like these, it’s best to employ permits that can be placed somewhere on the car’s exterior.

Depending on the material, some parking permits last longer than others. Polyester parking permits generally last for about a year, whereas static cling vinyl parking permits have a life of up to three years when placed on the interior of the vehicle. Reflective acrylic parking permits (either for the interior or exterior, with removable and permanent adhesives, respectively) last for up to seven years, making them the most durable parking permits.(Their laminated vinyl counterparts last five years at least, though many last longer.)

Parking Permit Labels

Permits don't have to be permanent. Static adhesive tags take a second to mount and even less time to remove.

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