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Types of parking hang tags

Hang tags
Hang tags are perfect for temporary parking permits – many include perforated tear-off areas that allow institutions to keep information on cars that park on their premises.

Hang tags are among the most common forms of parking permits. From hanging handicapped parking permits to monthly cardstock designators, there are a number of materials and designs for different types of implementation.

Plastic hang tags
Plastic hanging tags are much more durable than their paper or cardstock counterparts, and are typically employed for repeated or long-term use. Plastic hang tags also allow for brighter colors and are potentially reflective, making them more visible for parking lot security guards. Plastic hang tags are also generally longer lasting than their cardstock counterparts, and their durability means individual passes can be turned in and given to new people as needed.

Plastic hang tags can be given to contractors who may not be expected to stick around for too long – some businesses like to know when temporary staff are coming and going, and the need to turn in a parking hang tag provides one opportunity.These tags’ flexibility and potential for branding make them a suitable choice for businesses and corporations.

Disabled parking hang tags
Although disability placards typically ensure that only people with serious handicaps can take advantage of the premium parking they’re entitled to, some lots find it useful to designate special disabled parking hang tags, too. These make enforcement in this crucial area even easier, and help to ensure that only people who should be parked in disabled parking ever are.

Cardstock hang tags
For less permanent use, cardstock hang tags are a great way to designate part-time acceptance into a certain parking lot. Many cardstock hang tags are usually monthly, and have a customizable date of expiration at the distributor’s discretion. Some cardstock hang tags also feature a rip-off bottom for one-time use, acting as a type of ticket stub for parking lot permission.

Temporary hang tags
Cardstock hangtags are easy to write on, making them perfect for temporary parking permits in high-turnover lots. Temporary permits typically need a little more information than permanent tags since the driver’s information may not be recorded in a central database, so most tags of this variety have space for vehicle make, license tag number, emergency contact information, expiration dates and whatever customized information fields your business needs.

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